Flame Seedless 2 Kg

The juicy pulp of a Flame Seedless red grape is marked by a distinctive delicately sweet flavor that pairs well with other grape varieties, as well as cheese and crackers. The skin is crisp and the clusters are firm. No wonder this grape is one of the most popular varieties sold.

  • Brilliantly red
  • Juicy and sweet
  • A family snack-time favorite
  • Add to a plate of cheese and crackers as an appetizer

Handling Tips

  • Storage Life: Up to two weeks refrigerated. Up to three months frozen.
  • Storage: Store grapes in their original bag or clamshell until ready to wash and eat. Make sure to remove any spoiled grapes before storing and when noticed during storage. Fresh grapes should be returned to the refrigerator within two hours of serving.
  • Freezing: To freeze grapes, wash, pat dry and arrange them in a single layer on a cookie sheet... 
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